Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The last few days have been quite interesting in my (Jen's) life. I told Mark yesterday that I feel as though I have lost all sense of discipline. I have no idea how it happened. I think it started with a good book. The book began to consume my life and it wasn't just the story itself but the burning desire to create a story on pages, as this author had done. Story envelopes me. I find myself constantly thinking about life in terms of a story as though I were writing it down on pages, but Im not. I have come to the conclusion that I love words. I am passionate about words, words especially on paper. Words that as you read, feel like they are swirling around endlessly in your mind. I am constantly in awe with the way people can take words and create such beautiful images. This may sound silly to you but to me it is my desire. Maybe this is why I want to write. Or maybe this is why I should write. I don't know which. But anyways, so this book...It was a pretty powerful story and it consumed me. I forgot to do laundry, I forgot to clean. Thankfully I made it to work. For whatever reason this story made me not care about the little things like cleaning. I just don't know how it happened. It wasn't because I had my head in the book it was just that my mind was constantly everywhere but here on earth. I began dreaming about writing about what life could be and about whether or not I could eloquently paint pictures of such beauty with simple words. I do know that I have to learn to spell first.
So now I sit here and look at this mess I have created. And I really do want to clean it but I have so many other things that seem more important. It truly is a battle but I can't not, not do anything forever. At some point I must leave Jenny land and come back to real life. Maybe I should not aspire to be a writer until I can afford a housekeeper...

I need to go to the gym...if I go four days this week and drink 5 glasses of water everyday...Mark does all the dishes next week. Motivation huh?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What is Christmas anyways?

Hmm..what have the Potters been up too? We have been busy but that is nothing new. Mark is coming up on his last few weeks at Beaners and then he is 100% Journey which is really exciting. Im so proud of how hard he has worked and I am so thankful and happy to see him get to pour all of his time into his ministry. He has worked so hard at both the Church and at Beaners and he never complains. He has sleepless nights and tired days but he just keeps going. I admire my hubby so much for that. He is much stronger than I will ever be.

I am getting anxious about school next fall. Im almost done with my application at Cornerstone (Im just waiting for MSU to fix their mistakes). Im so excited to go back. Im ready to finish what I started and pursue what I love. It also looks like Mark will be going back to school to get his masters of divinity in the fall. Indiana Wesleyan is starting the program in the fall so that is also very exciting.

I can't believe that it is almost Christmas. It certainly came fast. I don't know about anyone else but I find it very hard during the Christmas season to focus on what Christmas is all about. The world has turned it into this holiday that no one even knows why they celebrate. Working at Beaners I have noticed it more this year than years past. Its all about shopping and christmas music. It's all about the busyness and craziness. The Christmas trees and lights. But what about the man who came into the world on Christmas day to save this us? You would never know thats why we celebrate Christmas. Not out in the world anyways. There are times when I want to boycott the world's Christmas. I just don't want to celebrate it the way the world does...maybe I need a fast from Christmas and instead should just choose to celebrate the birth of a saviour, a healer, a deliverer, a baby who was man and God...

Life is a funny thing.

Im enjoying the snow, not the ice, just the snow.
Im enjoying hot tea and hot chocolate.
Im enjoying friends.
Im enjoying relaxed nights.
Im enjoying my husband and life with him.
Im enjoying my God, my savior, my healer, my protecter, my King.
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