Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I left for work at 4:30 AM this morning and I looked at my sun glasses on the counter and thought "hmm maybe I should take them, I might want them after work....nahh the sun never comes out in michigan." As I left work at 1:30 (the benefit of going in at 5) I had a bitter sweet moment. Something like this--yay sun!--boo no sun glasses!

I got an award at work today. It is called the mug award. Basically I was sweet today working "the bar" and the coffee master (its a whole new language inside the coffee world) gave me an award because I worked so well with him and I just finished training. I did a dance when he gave it to me! Oh the things that excite me:)

I registered for classes yesturday. Im really going to be a student again. Woohoo!
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