Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Launch Day!

I can't believe its here. We launch on Sunday. The first day of a lifetime Journey. It truly is a dream come true. We love it here, we love the people, we love the passion, we love the church. God has blessed us. We have high expectations for Sunday but it isnt just about how many people walk through the door. Even if the same 70 people came and there was a not one new face it will be just as exciting. Because God has a plan and we trust that. The church will still launch with an awesome group of people we will still continue to grow and reach out into our community and lives will begin to transform and we will help people fin the way to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Its our mission and we will accomplish it!

The worship band has been doing great. We have some very talented musicians and they all have huge hearts longing to worship the Lord. Mark has done an awesome job and every week is adding new elements of creativity to help people meet with God every Sunday. This is indeed right where God wants him. I led children's worship this week for the first time and it was a lot of fun. The kids loved and I felt very strongly that I was going what God wanted me to be doing. It was nice to be able to contibute to Journey...in Jon's words "take what I have and give it away".

Beaners is getting better...not quite as stressful and not as tiring. It will though be nice when Mark and can devote more time to Journey and less to Beaners. And Im pretty sure that a barista is not my life time calling but for now it will more than be ok.

I really do love it here in Grand Rapids. I am so excited for the Holidays. Im anxious to decorate and make cards, to bake cookies and be with family and friends. And maybe just a little bit anxious for snow;)

I love you all and miss. Please pray for Journey on Sunday.

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smile...it's a beautiful day! :) said...

lovin' you! ;) and maybe missing you a tad bit too! ;( sunday is going to be AWESOME!!! we can't wait to visit some sunday soon!!! i'm so stinkin happy for you guys! isn't it amazing to see how when we trust in God, He always makes our ways straight...i believe that is what He is doing w/ you guys...your obedience and trust in God (even in the uncertain, crazy times) is producing amazing results...you feel at home, you feel at peace w/ journey and w/ your purpose there...God has made your path straight and He is leading you on...LOVE it! LOVE you! and LOVE God!!! ;) be peace ---|-

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