Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Mark and I very much enjoyed our first set of holidays but we are both thankful they are over and we can get back to a somewhat "normal" sort of life. It feels like we have been on somewhat of a vacation the last week between Christmas, no church, and new years. We were grateful for time to relax and we very very much enjoyed our first Christmas ALL BY OURSELVES! We opened presents, made pancakes, watched movies and made home-made chicken noodle soup for dinner. It was a great way to spend our first Christmas as husband and wife. We had no church this week so we with no question went back to Faith on Sunday. It was so good to be back and see our friends and family whom we miss a lot. But as always it was nice to return to our home in Grand Rapids.

Mark worked his last shift at Beaners yesterday and now he is officially the full-time Worship Ministries Pastor at Journey Church! I am very excited and proud of him.

Thats about all that has been going on here...We have some exciting things to look forward to in the next month or so...

-My 21st birthday is January 15th!
-The end of January we are going with the staff team to Roanoke Virginia for a few days
-In February if all works out we are going to Chicago with another couple
- We are doing a mass mailer for our upcoming family series in the end of January and bringing in a comedian for our next big push at Journey
-Our small groups are starting the end of January at Journey, Mark and I will be in a young marrieds group...
-We start a Financial Peace University class this month, which we are excited about as well...

Life is good and exciting right now. We are enjoying each other and still enjoying our new life here in Grand Rapids.

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