Thursday, July 17, 2008

Camping here we come!

We are going camping on Sunday and we are about as excited as 6 year olds going to Disney. You would think that we never get to go anywhere or do anything but the excitement in waiting is half the fun, right? The weather is not looking very hopeful for our trip but I am trying to convince myself that camping in the rain is equally as fun as camping in sunny 80 degree weather... :/ We will see how that goes...

We went to a rodeo last night with the Weatherwaxes. That was new and different. We real cowboys riding real bulls. For whatever reason it always seemed like some fantasy to me but evidentally the world has not been lying and it really does happen...weird.

They call it a sport. I see it as attempts at suicide...maybe thats extreme. But one guy did get trampled and taken away on a stretcher...I chuckled and wanted to be like "well, duh!". But none-the-less I still hope he is ok.

Tonight we are going out to good old "camp" to see some friends from Faith. Camp is...well to be honest I really don't know I have never been. But its a church thing I suppose. We are excited to see friends and be fed by a much missed mom from Lansing.

Our air doesn't really work and it is rather hot...but I still made mac and cheese for lunch and it was still amazing...

I found the bottom of our laundry basket today and that was a huge accomplishment...I thought for sure it was gone but to my surprise once I washed all of the clothes (did I say all? Because I meant ALL) there was the bottom of the basket smiling back at me :)I wanted to give myself a round of applause since this may the first time it has happened but I was too embarrassed...I didn't want Mark to think I had lost (although it is possible that he might already think that).

Well thats all for now in the exciting life of Mark and Jenny...maybe Ill be back before vaca and well maybe not.

1 comment:'s a beautiful day! :) said...

so, i'm anxiously awaiting the camping details! did you guys have fun??? we're off to leelanau thursday morn for our annual camping adventure...
enjoy the sunshine! :)
jen :)

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