Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally settling down from a crazy summer!

I love summer but I am very thankful this year that it is slowly coming to end. Not only do I love fall and all the activities that it brings with it I also am always thankful for the routine that fall seems to bring. Everyone is home from vacations and it seems like things for a while always become a little more "normal" --whatever that is. This summer has been so busy for us and I am ready for it to end! I also love the nostalgic feeling that comes with fall. It is by far my favorite season.

This fall will bring some exciting things to. We will celebrate Journey's first birthday with launching a second service which is really exciting! Mark and I finally are going to be able to move into Caledonia! We are excited to be closer to friends and the church and to live in the community we are ministering to. We move next month!

We are however coming to the end of our first year of support and will be having to ask for another year. Please pray with us that God will provide and that Mark and I will be able to continue to serve in Ministry at the capacity we are now and that Mark will not have to pick up another job.

Mark and I just celebrated out first anniversary. I cant believe that it has already been a year! We went to Traverse City for two nights which was so much fun! Thank you to Dan and Sonya! It was a fun little getaway to a beautiful place!!

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Brandon & Jennifer said...

We hope the 2nd service goes well.

It was fun eating dinner with you guys and the Olsons at camp this summer.

Later on,


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