Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Worship Conference

Today, tomorrow, and Friday I'm at Integrity Music's "Seminars4Worship" hosted @ ResLife Church in Grand Rapids. Should be loads of fun & very refreshing. Great speakers like Paul Baloche, Mia Fieldes, and Jon Egan.

Today I'm in the "worship lab" called "Worship Leading and Songwriting." I'll let you know if I learn anything groundbreaking by adding comments to this post!

-Mark- +


Mark & Jen said...

Mia Fieldes did a cool 30 minutes on "Understanding." She said that truth is about absolutes, but understanding is about angles - presenting something in a new or different way so that people can understand it better.

Mark & Jen said...

Paul Baloche talked about the "Journey of a Song." He opened his talk by saying, "In closing, always keep your antennae up. Always be looking for cool phrases and song ideas."

Mark & Jen said...

PB: "WHY DO WE GATHER? Because we're crazy enough to believe (no, we can't prove it) that God loves us and will reveal himself to us and will change our lives in powerful ways."

Mark & Jen said...

The day ended with a good session by Ken Reynolds ("Kay-Ray") on the heart of the worship leader. He threw out two key phrases: We GET to do this, and people need to be led.
He asked if we would still be excited about leading if the lights were off and no one could see us, and he gave some "practical nuggets" for engaging your church in worship.

Mark & Jen said...

would you be excited if the lights were off and no one could see you?

Eri said...

That last question is a great one for worship teams to ponder...good reminder, what do we do this for? Him or us?

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