Sunday, November 30, 2008


We had a GREAT time with my (Mark's) side of the family this Thanksgiving. Every-other year, the Potter family (my dad's brothers and sisters and all their families - about 40 people in all) gets together near Jackson, MI for Thanksgiving. The hi-lights are Wednesday night pizza, the family football game, and of course the Thanksgiving feast.

My cousins and I went all-out this year with the football game. This was the first year that we've ALL been old enough to fill up two teams and really compete. My cousin Don (who was also my best man) formulated the two most even teams he could think of, wrote an extensive playbook for his team, and got team shirts printed. It was the pink Blackbeard's Volkswagon Delight (don't ask) vs the blue Juggernauts (that was my team). Apparently Don did a great job of figuring out even teams, because the basketball game was decided by 2 points, and the football game was decided by a touchdown.

This is Travis in mid-air during his spectacular interception attempt.

And me, after throwing my second touchdown pass.

The results?

Juggernauts win by a touchdown! And my cousins voted for me to receive the MVP football - the highest honor in all of Potter football ;-P

Jen had fun hanging out with my mom & sisters...

...and the meal, of course, was spectacular!

I can't wait until November 2010!

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journeygr said...

looks like you had an incredible time!

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