Saturday, December 20, 2008

UPS Adventures

Yesterday (Friday) we got some CRAZY snow in Michigan. At one point we were getting an estimated 3 inches per hour! I believe it because I'm pretty sure I had an inch on ME after scraping off my car in the morning! We got a total of at least 10 inches in less than 12 hours and apparently the state plow guys need a government bailout - they were nowhere to be found!

As you can imagine, a UPS package car (pictured above) is probably the WORST possible vehicle to try to drive through the snow. It was rare to find a road that had been plowed, and even the most gentle slope gave us trouble. My driver and I probably got stuck 6 or 7 times, plus countless times crawling around neighborhoods and tromping through a foot or more of untouched snow.

The photo above is not a road - it's a driveway that I had to walk up with a package in my arms as the driver pulled up to the next house and walked a different driveway that was just as long. Pretty, though, isn't it?

As tough as the weather makes life, though, it's hard to complain about such beauty. Happy snow day!

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