Friday, March 6, 2009


I have just a few minutes before I have to begin working my beloved job at Starbucks. I have been here for three hours since Mark and I only have one car and he had to work at 11 and I have to work at 2. I just wanted to say how thankful I am that I have flip flops on my feet and sunshine in sight. I know this probably again is temporary but I will cherish it while it lasts. Life has been a little crazy this week and I am thankful to end it with a relaxed and beautiful day like today.

I guess I thought maybe I would come up with something worth while to say but I seem to be failing at this. I am over hearing a conversation about how perfume is the "extra special touch" each day. I have to wonder sometime if I am missing my girly jeans. I can't seem to get the whole doing my hair, wearing makeup and perfume and LOVING shoes thing. Not that I really want to get it. But sometimes I am utterly confused on how I can possibly be female and totally not understand these things. But on the other hand I am thankful that I don't. I'll take a t-shirt, sweats and poney-tale any day over all the girly stuff! (not that there is anything wrong with these things!)

I suppose this blog if of little importance, although it did help pass my time :)


Katie said...

I have the same problem with not caring about doing hair, shoes, etc. The thing I look forward to the least about my wedding...dress shopping...ewww! We just aren't normal girls Jen! Must be genetic!

Eri said...

You still look beautiful without all that extra junk! Thanks for the encouraging text this week. I appreciated it!

Eri said...

I haven't done any of the Bible Studies this week, but I'm going to come tomorrow just to see you! I will miss you so much!

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