Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Monday of all Mondays...

I watched Julie and Julia tonight. It reminded me that once upon a time I liked to blog and that I actually did it more than once every three months.

Tomorrow is Monday January 4, 2010. It is that wonderful day when everything goes back to normal after he everything but normal month of December. There is so much of me that is ready for something to resemble a routine again and to have the holidays behind me but there is also is this horrible list of things that must start tomorrow and it is staring and taunting me at this very moment...

those things include...

back on weight watchers
find a job
do laundry more than once every two weeks
think about working out again
begin cooking again
stop spending money

and the list goes on....

At this very moment i am cuddled up in a huge comfy popazon chair with a sleeping dog under my arm. I have a fleece blanket on me and a space heater next to me. The thought of life going back to normal right now...seems like death. But in the morning I know there will be some hope at the thought of counting how many points my breakfast is before I have even had a chance to open my eyes all the way. Im sure I will be sick of it all by Wednesday but I suppose such is life. But the good news is that I will no longer feel like I have eaten enough food to feed a small country, my morning time with God will return to the actual early hours of the morning, and life can once again get accomplished in a timely fashion.

I think God gave us breaks like these for a few reasons. For me I always need the chance to slow down and not feel guilty. My body needs rest and my relationships need quality time. And then when it all comes to an end I go back with a fresh attitude and am able to appreciate the idea of working hard and living in a routine because it is actaully missed during the holiday merry-go-rounds.

So tomorrow it is. the start of a new year.

this year God is my focus. And he comes before the dreadful list above.

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