Friday, February 19, 2010


The sun was shining today and, wow, was I happy to see it. This week has been bumpy and rough in every way possible and for it to end with the sun shining was just what I needed. It is amazing to me what a little sunshine can do. Everything is better, brighter, happier and easier. We have more energy and we smile more, we feel like getting up out of bed and are eager to start the day. Its a amazing.

The sunshine reminds me of God. After all He is light. He also is the giver of all good things. I think the affects that sunshine has on us has much more to do with God than our bodies being replenished with vitamin D--although that too is important. Next time you see the sunshine (I know those of you in Michigan could be waiting a few months, ha) see if you can see God behind it all.

*two scared little runaways, hold fast to the break of daylight where- the shadow proves the sunshine, the shadow proves the sunshine*


lisa said...

According the the laws of physics, :), the wavelength of radiation that something emits is determined by its temperature. For example, a household lightbulb is designed so that it does not get too hot and emits very low ultraviolet radiation. Thus it produces enough visual light to do its job, as well as a whole whole bunch of infared. Now the sun, on the other hand, is at just the right temperature so that it emits the most visual light possible. If our sun were any other temperature, it would produce less light. God is perfect, isn't He? :)

Brandon and Jennifer Bruce said...

I love sunshine!


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