Tuesday, March 23, 2010

health care

So I usually don't get into politics, and i wouldn't even call this "getting into it" but I do have a few things I would like to say or possibly vent. Im not sure how I feel about this health care reform bill but there are a few thoughts that I have, mostly from others reactions. I have heard a lot of people complaining and I agree there is a lot about this whole thing that doesn't seem like it is going to work out. But I do think the motivation behind it is good. I do think there is a lot wrong with our health care system. And I do think something needs to change. Now whether or not what is going on, on capital hill will change anything? I don't know.

I think a lot of the people to complain about this are those that have always had good health care. People who look at it as a privilege and that they have earned their health care. Now don't get me wrong I do think that everyone willing and able should be working and should not be handed everything. But, is health care really a privilege? I tend to think it is more of a right. I also think that working hard doesn't always equate to good health care. I know my husband and I both work very hard yet, we happen to work for people who don't offer health care. Does that make us deserve good health care any less?

On the flip side of that we do take a huge hit to pay for own insurance and yes at times it is inconvenient and sure we could find so much else to put our money to but this is just what we have to do right now. Would we take advantage of a government handout in health care if thats how it was? ehh probably not until we seriously couldn't afford our own. And by that I mean managing our money well, only buying what we need and still not being able to afford it. I very much dislike a lot of our government programs. Take food stamps for example. In my experience I have known more people who were able and could work but weren't, who were on food stamps than those who were truly unable to make a living. I think it is taken advantage of. Im sure there are plenty of people out there who seriously deserve and need them but I think there are just as many, if not more who could do better with there money and/or work harder in order to buy their own food. I can say this since Mark and i make very little money and yet we still have managed to buy our own health care and our own food. I believe we do qualify for food stamps. All this to say that another government program makes me a little nervous. Will it help those who need it?

I first started getting disgruntled with our health care system when I applied in December for health insurance and they would not cover my asthma or anything related to my lungs, i.e. bronchitis. I have not seen a doctor for years for asthma but yet I do have it and I am on an inhaler therefore they won't cover ANYTHING having to do with my lungs? It just wasn't right. We tried another company and they cover it but at an extra charge. I wonder how many people complaining about this new health care have ever been denied coverage for any reason? Do they know what it is like? I am thankful that it won't happen anymore although I have heard that this fact alone could make everyone pay more.

I would love to see this bill help people who truly need it. I would love to see much less complaining, after all its a done deal. Im not sure what we are accomplishing with complaining. Our health care system isn't right now maybe there is hope it could get better for some? Who knows?!

**sorry if this was confusing and that there are no concrete facts. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts based upon others complaints. Thats all. Now I can go back on with my life***

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