Saturday, August 25, 2007

We Are One!

Hey, all! This is Mark checking in from our classy hotel outside Washington, D.C. on the last full day of our honeymoon. It really has been wonderful. And would you believe it - we ARE indeed big enough to get on a plane, rent a car, and stay at a timeshare AND a classy hotel ALL BY OUR INEXPERIENCED SELVES!

Honestly, none of our destinations were all that great. The timeshare was under PAR, it was cloudy at Virginia Beach, Busch Gardens is nothing compared to Cedar Point or Kings Island, neither Jen nor I are big history buffs (Williamsburg), and it's miserably hot in D.C. The cool part, though, is the taste we got of the rest of our lives together. What I mean is, we were in a position where all we had was each other. If there's one thing I've been taught about marriage in ministry it's that this feeling comes often. It's likely that my wife ;-) and I will soon, and frequently, fall down together on the couch and look into each other's eyes, feeling very alone except for the love we have between the two of us. For the record - I'm ok with that.

I'd say at this point that we're both itching to get back home, get settled, and get to work (am I really saying this???). We're excited about Journey, and we're excited to be travel buddies.

Next time you see us, WE'LL BE MARRIED!!!!!!

1 comment:'s a beautiful day! :) said...

you guys are too cute for words! so happy we were able to join you on your special day and so happy that you are discovering the fun part of marriage...each other forever! :) good times & is a pun intended! ;)love you & mrs. potter! :) enjoy your trip back home to GR...keep in touch!

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