Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We are blessed!

So we are home in Grand Rapids which seems not real to me (Jen). For the last month every time I have been here it has been for only a day or two and then I have had to go back to Lansing and now I cant get it through my head that I am here for good.

It has been a little hard for me. I spent all day today unpacking and cleaning and organizing while Mark came and went in between his errands and work. I told him when he came home for dinner that it had been a really lonely and quiet day because my phone didnt ring once. Its weird. I dont know anyone here yet and I have left everyone at home. In a sense I feel out of place right now and am still adjusting to this being home. Its been so wonderful though being married. Eating, sleeping and living with Mark makes things so peaceful.

We truly have been so very blessed. We have spent two day buying things we need with the money people gave us for our wedding and unpacking all of our gifts. I would say we have been in a permanent state of shock and thankfulness at how much God has blessed us through our friends and family. Its been a little nuts though because some of the gift tags came off gifts and we dont know who gave us what and it is a little odd having to ask people what they gave us so we can in return thank them. It makes me laugh how what is socially normal and what isnt can make things so awkward.

So anyways...Im just having on to the comfort in my Lord Jesus and enjoying our new marriage as we try to settle into a life that is going full speed. Launch day is running at us fast but Im way excited for the new body of beleivers God is creating at Journey Church! Yay God!

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