Tuesday, September 11, 2007

He still comes back for me...Everythings gonna be alright be strong, beleive

He still comes back for me....Every time God comes back for me and wraps his arms around me and puts me on his shoulders and carries me when things get hard. These last few weeks have felt that way. They have been busy and full of change and it has honestly been really hard. I have had several nights of crying and my amazing husband has just wrapped his arms around me while I cried and prayed for me as I fell asleep. I dont even know what exactly has been so hard but in the down after the wedding alot of room opened up in my mind to begin to deal with things that I had been able to avoid for months. Jesus has picked me up and carried me so many times these last few weeks and every time he still comes back for me. He does that. He came back for us when he died on the cross for our sins. And he continues to come back for us.

The only reason I share these hard times is because I dont want anyone to think I have it all together. I dont want anyone to think that my life is perfect. And I certainly dont want anyone to think that I can do it on my own. Because I dont, its not and I cant. Its all my amazing King, a perfect and holy God and a beautiful savior. He keeps coming back for me as he will keep coming back for you if you will just let him. He loves us so much. Mark loves me alot. A man who will listen to me cry and hold me and pray for me until Im asleep really shows a lot of love. But his love isnt even close to that of our Heavenly Father. We arent perfect so we cant love like he can but we can accept his love and chose to be loved with a perfect love and HUGE love. It gets me excited just writing about it. I just want everyone to know and BELIEVE!!

"Everythings gonna be alright be strong, Believe"

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smile...it's a beautiful day! :) said...

love it, love you! ;) He's truly amazing...can't wait to see you guys sunday! :)

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