Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I think Ill take my whole body and dive in head first...

Earlier this week the Children's ministry director for Journey Church asked me if I would be interested in leading worship for the children. I chuckled a little bit because it has been a year of going in circles about my passion for wanting to jump around, dance and sing like I was 5 and being way to scared to do it. I have said over the past year that I would like to do this. I have had several opportunities to be on stage in front of kids at Faith Church and every time I have wanted to deep down inside but have not had the confidence and courage to actually do it. So again I laughed because it seems as though people see potential and desire in me and just wont let up no matter who they are. Or perhaps...brace yourself...maybe its God. Profound I know.

So my thoughts this week as I prayed about were as follows...
*I want to but I'm scared
*I think God wants me to but I'm still scared
*I'm never going to get anywhere in life by being scared
*If I want God to use me I need to trust him and his calling
*I think it is time to have faith like a child and jump in ready for the new adventure...

SO I said yes. Now this may not be a big deal to any of you because it is indeed a small role its not like I just made the decision to travel over sees and bring thousands to know the Lord. Nope, just sing and dance with some kids. Learn to be a child again. But for ME it was big. It is the first time I will step out in faith on my own and try a position of leadership, to allow myself to be vulnerable and make mistakes, and to just follow God and see what he will do with me. Im excited. I'm scared. But I'm excited.

P.S. you can give me a pat on the back later but I found Michaels all on my own today. Yes I indeed found the address and ventured out with no help into Grand Rapids. Me who is directionally slow and does not know Grand Rapids at all found Michaels. I know pretty sweet:)

1 comment:'s a beautiful day! :) said...

you ARE sweet mrs. potter! i'm so proud of you for listening to GOd this time and diving in to new're gonna be AWESOME (i mean you already no worries)!!! oh and i am also proud of you finding michaels on your own...that's HUGE girl!!! happy day to you...i'm off to pick up miss julia from lansing christian...1st week of school...and she's lovin it! ;) love ya jen...take care & be in touch! :)

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