Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guess who has there camera....

I finally brought my camera with me now the challenge is figuring out how to do this right...

I am going to post a few from when we went back to Cincinnati. Mark was a groomsmen in his friends wedding so we made a long weekend visiting the family and friends. I took lots of pictures of the beautiful tulips, our monopoly games and our trip to Greaters ice cream which is the best ever. Potter family tradition is to compare who had the biggest amazing chocolate pieces in their ice cream. And then there are pictures form the wedding.

Alrighty, that only took me 3 tries to get these on here. But yea that was some of our trip in Cinncinatti. It was s great time away.

This past weekend was really good. We went to the beach and a bonfire and a cookout. Beautiful weather. Lots of fun!

Beautiful Beach. I love it!!

1 comment:

Eri said...

Cute dress at the wedding. I never see anyone dressed up at Journey...kinda wierd.

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