Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sometimes it is just hard...

The last few days have been rough for me..I have been feeling pretty awful (attack of the cold sores AGAIN). I know it is because i have been working a lot and not sleeping a lot and my body just can't handle it. It is so easy for me when I don't feel good to emotionally get really down as well. I really struggle not get depressed when I am sick. It is really good to see the sun today. I feel like though getting sick is just the end of God teaching me something really important. The last few weeks I have had to rely on Him so much. I have just felt tired and warn out or just straight up not wanting to do the things that have to be done and instead of complaining (bible says to not complain about anything) I have been trying so hard to just trust God and lean on him and I cannot even explain how much easier and more fun these tough weeks have been because I looked to Jesus.

He is my hope, peace, joy and salvation. I have no idea how I made it 18 years without him. But what I do know is that I would never ever go back. He is my everything.

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