Monday, June 9, 2008

Why we don't have a television...

We have been staying with some friends kids while they are out of town this weekend. It has been fun as always but one thing that I always get excited about is that they have tv with cable. We have been here since Friday. Now I had a really long week last week and had the whole weekend off with no plans and was not feeling well at all so that plays into this a little. But I just realized that I have spent the whole entire weekend watching TV. I feel like I have been sucked into countless episodes of Law and Order.

I was just in the bathroom (I always have profound thoughts while visiting this room) and I realized that my praying and bible reading has been overtaken by the TV. I realized I have not worked out and I have pretty much done nothing because of the tv. Now I know this a lack of self control and that chances are I could have a tv and I would not spend every waking minute watching it but I suddenly miss the silence. I would rather not have to choose to watch tv or do something productive. I really appreciate it not being a option.

These are just my random realizations of why we do not have a tv. I do not think TVs or bad nor do I think those who have them should not. Just for me personally its not such a good thing. **disclaimer**

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