Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our first night on the 'Nati

We're here! And we're all settled in (for now). We're really happy to be in Cincinnati, and really excited about what the future holds. For now, at least, we have more time on our hands than we've ever had since getting married! So last night Jen & I took the opportunity to head downtown and spend our first night out on the town.

On the Kentucky side of the Ohio river is Newport On The Levee - basically an outdoor mall & tourist block. It includes the Newport Aquarium, a few dinner boats, a movie theater, a Hofbrauhaus, plenty of other restaurants, and a 2-story Barnes & Noble. This bookstore was our first destination. There is a BEAUTIFUL view of the river & the Cincinnati skyline from the top-floor cafe. The picture's not the best, but this will give you an idea:

The rain was just starting to clear up while we were there, and just as we were leaving, God decided to join us...

Can you see that it's a DOUBLE rainbow??!!! We loved God's extra touch there ;-)

After B&N, we walked around the plaza a bit and decided to walk on the "Purple People Bridge." Here's Jenny at the end of it, and a few views of the Cincy skyline from the bridge:

There are SEVERAL bridges connecting the Ohio side of Cincinnati to its Kentucky counterpart (historic German Newport). One of them is known as "The Big Mac Bridge." Can you tell why?:

Well, we're definitely off to a good start in Cincy. Thanks to those of you who helped us for your prayers and physical help. Check back soon!


Nikki said...

I'm so happy for you two, hehe i know ive said that a few times! but i havent had a chance to read this yet! I love the pictures it looks beautiful and green and an awesome river! I love it and the B&N Jen I'm sure you were really excited about that! can't wait to hear more! love you two!

Faith said...

i researched cincy on wikipedia...looks so inviting. i love a city with a river (atlanta doesn't have one. bleh!) and rolling hills in the background. love you guys!

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