Thursday, May 7, 2009


So here we are. In Cincinnati finally with a routine of sorts kicking. It actually is starting to feel as though we live here and not like we are some sort of long extended vacation that we have chosen to never have end. I love everything about it here. I miss people back in Grand Rapids but I do not miss Grand Rapids. In fact I don't miss it even a tiny bit. I have found however a longing for a home. And not just a place of our own to live in but a place that we love, a place we can raise a family, and a place we can stay in for years.

The home I grew up in was so special. When we moved into a bigger and more beautiful house it did not take long for us all to want to go back. That place holds so many memories and even now we love reminiscing about that house. That is what I want. A place that my kids love and a place that we never want to leave. Mark and I have lived 3 different places in less than 2 years and not one of them as felt like a home. But especially now it is as though we are very "homeless". Living with his parents has been easy, good and comfortable but man are we ready for our own place. I have found myself so many times saying I just want to go home and then realizing that there is no home right now.

I don't think I will ever appreciate a place more than when we find our permanent residence this time. I will be so thankful for our own place. We are on the house hunt. We have a Realtor and are looking for a real house. If all else fails we will find an apartment that can hold us and a least one other so we can stay for sometime ;-). Please pray for us in this home search. We want a junkie one. Hehe. We are anxious to fix up a home and make it ours. So we are on the search for the perfect, cheap peace of junk. We may have caught sight of the perfect home but we are still crossing our fingers.

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Tanya Barry said...

hi jen and mark! thanks for following my blog! aren't you going to be in tennessee sometime soon?

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