Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Put both feet the same time.

So as of today I have officially lost 11 pounds!! Woohoo! It is amazing how easy it actually is when you actually give a 100 percent and try. I always would try for a day and quit or a week and then quit and I would get so frustrated because it seemed so hard. But yet when I actually resolved to do it-it came right off.

Aren't all things in life that way? Aren't we continually surprised by how easy something is once we get past actually making the decision to do it. It inspires me in so many other areas of life. If I could just make up my mind to do the things I want to do would they actually turn out to be easier than carrying the stress of not doing them?

Another thing that was great about this is that I ate real butter most days and still had chocolate!

What do you always want to do but have never been able to convince yourself to put everything in all at once? Come on get both feet in the water, besides it might be easier than one foot in and one foot out.

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