Monday, January 25, 2010

Real Food

So, I have been reading a ton of blogs lately. All of them having to do with eating real, nourishing food. I really feel like we eat to much stuff, that is not really food. I desire to feed myself and my family what God created us to eat. Going from where we are forward is so overwhelming though. It is easy to begin cutting out sugars, high fructose corn syrup, white flour and other things of the like. But what is all this talk about soaking my grains? Or grinding my own grains? Drinking raw milk or pasture fed beef? It overwhelms me. I don't even know where to start nor do I know how much of a difference it really will make. The other part of it is it seems so expensive.

I have read a ton about Cod Liver Oil as of late. It seems like the benefits are great and lots of people recommend it. But as I start to research it more I am finding equally as many people saying that it can be harmful in a lot of ways. It has in some cases too much vit A and D when added to your normal diet and that it can also contain a large amount of toxins. What is one to do? How do we know what we should and shouldn't do? And how do we know when enough is enough and what is worth spending the time and/or money on.

All this while I try to lose the weight I have put on since moving to Cincinnati. Ugh. Too much all at once. Step by step guide, please, anyone?


Mrs.Thornton said...

I have an idea for you! It's something Corrie and I did last year, and are doing again this year. We became members of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), which means we pay an amount of money in January, to a local farm, and beginning in April or May, they give us a weekly bag of vegetables. It's kind of like "buying stock" in the farm, and you get a weekly return. We both learned how to cook vegetables we'd never seen before, and we have so much fresh produce coming in (goes all Summer and into the Fall) it was hard NOT to eat healthy.

Mark and Jen said...

Yes! I wanted to do it last year but we were too late. Which farm are you at? Do you guys share it then? Last year I remember thinking that it was a lot of veggies for two people since most say it is for 4. You will have to give me the info.

Mrs.Thornton said...

Well, I just happened to speak with Marcia, the wife-owner of the farm, and she said they still have spots open! I'll send you her e-mail, and their website, so you can browse their info.

Their main crops are all normal things we eat all the time- corn, beans (green), and strawberries. But of course, they grow all kinds of other stuff.

Last year, Corrie and I did split one share, but we've gone to a different farm this year, and they offer the option of a half share, at no additional cost. So we're each getting a half share.

Also, they bring the stuff to a farm market, for us to pick up, and it's right in College Hill! What could be better? The pickup is on Thursday evenings.

It would be so fun for all of us to get together to go pick up our stuff every week!

Mark and Jen said...

Yay! Im super excited. We are going to do it. So send her info on over and I will do what i got to do. Thanks Jess!

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