Saturday, September 4, 2010

Go right through for MSU...

Mark and I were really excited to be able to watch the first MSU game of the season. I love that Mark and I share a love for MSU both sports wise and school wise. We both grew up MSU fans because our parents both went there and then we both have amazing memories from the school. Not to mention, we met, dated, got engaged and married all while at MSU. MSU is just a special place for both of us. With all that said though, it is strange that we both, soon, will be bearcats. If all goes as planned we will both have a degree from UC. Its funny that we will both share the same two schools. I may get my degree from UC but I think I will always think of myself as a spartan first. I was raised a Spartan and I'm not sure I could ever truly be anything else. Although it will be fun to have another school to make memories at together and a local school to root for and love, I think we will both always be a Spartan!

Go Green!

Speaking of Mark and I and our lives at MSU. Here is a picture before we started officially "dating".

And we are maintaining our loyalty in our new home in Cincinnati.

Soon I will have a picture to post of us maybe in a bearcats shirt attending our first game as students again?

Who knows?!

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