Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So when we moved into our house over a year ago we inherited a mass amount of pink curtains. I never liked them, not once did I look at them and think "they are ok". No, in fact I woke up everyday and grunted at the sight of them. I really, really disliked them. Not only did I have no idea how dirty, how old, or whose they were but I strongly disliked the color. However, they were the only curtains we had and we have not been able to afford new curtains for our HUGE windows. I fought to be patient as I waited for new ones, I sought to be grateful for everything I DID have, and I tried to not complain about how much I disliked them. I was a long ways from being successful at this but it was my desire and I did, also, learn some lessons in this curtain dilemma...

My neighbor and dear friend Rhea completely understood how much the curtains bothered me and had been helping me to come up with affordable ideas for curtains that really needed to be custom made (EXPENSIVE!). Mark and I came home the other day and were hanging out with Neil and Rhea on their porch, when Rhea very excitedly told me she had bought us curtains! I couldn't believe it. They are beautiful and perfect. Her mom sewed them for us so they fit perfectly and I love them. I was thrilled to stuff the pink ones and all of their dust in the trash! It was a huge gift and I am still amazed at her and Neil's thoughtfulness and generosity.

It was a huge reminder that God loves me. I had asked him for curtains and he gave them to me. It wasn't in my timing, it was a year later than I would have liked. I never would have been as grateful if I hadn't waited a year. I love them that much more. People, listen up, if you trust God, he does provide. Always. And even sometimes he provides what we don't need, what doesn't have eternal value and what won't last long but yet he knows will make us happy. Find your contentment and peace in him no matter what and trust that he will provide and just watch. God is good.

Also, a side note. I think Rhea was just as happy if not happier to be able to give something like this. I was reminded again why it is fun to give and why I want to spend my life giving, not receiving. Although this time it was fun receiving!!

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Glynn Norris said...

WOW!!! Jenny, they are BEAUTIFUL! So fresh and new! Rhea must be a WONDERFUL person. Friends like that are very hard to find. You truly are blessed to have found such a wonderful friend, and to have her and her husband as neighbors is just incredible. I'm very happy for you and Mark. Please tell Rhea that I said, "Thank you" also.
Love you. Mom

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