Sunday, September 19, 2010


So, over the last year Mark has really begun to love football. I have always enjoyed football in very small amounts. It was always more about the experience and not so much the game. Since he was really liking it and spending a lot of his free and "fun" time doing football related things I decided I would make effort to get a little more involved. I really like it when Mark shows interest in things I like so I knew he would enjoy me doing the same. Turns out I love being on a fantasy team. It really has been a simple, not a huge time commitment and fun activity. But, the best thing about it? It has given Mark and I lots of laughs and awesome time together. I wouldn't watch football or get that into if Mark didn't, but together I really love it. Today, its just us in our comfy clothes hanging out watching football, chatting, laughing and resting together.

Since we aren't involved in a church at the moment we spent the morning together at Panera drinking coffee and eating bagels while studying the book of Matthew together. It is an awesome day.

I think it is a great practice to try and like what our spouses like for the sake of loving them and being with them. It is worth it :-)

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