Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A much needed update...

Well as most of you now know, I am pregnant! About 12 weeks now. Which would explain the complete lack of updates, in fact it explains the complete lack of anything productive for the past 6 weeks. I was feeling so sick along with pure exhaustion that not much was getting accomplished. And when I did feel up to something I wanted it to be baby somethings!

We are really really excited about our baby. IN fact we can't wait until May. Who needs 9 months?! I am finally feeling much better and have a good amount more of energy. I am really looking forward to the next few months. Mark and I are going to Denver in December for a trip just the two of us before lil bean comes. And then we have Thanksgiving and Christmas. Such a packed 2 months but really exciting. I am also looking forward to a break from school. Well this is short but about all I wanted to say. Love to everyone.

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Mrs.Thornton said...

Hey Jen- seeing this post made me realize I never responded to your e-mail!

Congratulations on the pregnancy! Hopefully, you're out (or soon will be out) of the sick/tired phase, and you can begin to enjoy being pregnant.

Cloth diapers are a crazy world with tons of options- I'll e-mail you on that once I get my mind around it. Caress and Corrie both used them, too.

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